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Top 100 MCQ D.C Generator

DC Generators – Polar Power

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21. Fleming’s right-hand rule
regarding direction of induced e.m.f.,
 which is correct ?

(a) magnetic flux, direction of
current flow and resultant force

(b) magnetic flux, direction of
motion and the direction of e.m.f. induced

(c) magnetic field strength, induced
voltage and current

(d) magnetic flux, direction of force
and direction of motion of conductor

Ans: b

22. While applying Fleming’s
right-hand rule four finger is icdicate direction of induced e.m.f.,then the
thumb is indicate …

(a) direction of induced e.m.f.

(b) direction of flux

(c) direction of motion of the
conductor if forefinger points in the direction of generated e.m.f.

(d) direction of motion of conductor,
if forefinger points along the lines of flux

Ans: d


23. The bearings used to support the
rotor shafts are generally

(a) ball bearings

(b) bush bearings

(c) magnetic bearings

(d) needle bearings

Ans: a

24. In D.C. generators, the cause of
rapid brush wear may be

(a) severe sparking

(b) rough commutator surface

(c) imperfect contact

(d) any of the above

Ans: d

25. In lap winding, the number of
brushes is always

(a) double the number of poles

(b) same as the number of poles

(c) half the number of poles

(d) two

Ans: b

26. For a D.C. generator when the
number of poles and the number of armature conductors is fixed, then which
winding will
give the higher e.m.f. ?

(a) Lap winding

(b) Wave winding

(c) Either of (a) and (b) above

(d) Depends on other features of

Ans: b

27. In a four-pole D.C. machine…….

(a) all the four poles are north poles

(b) alternate poles are north and south

(c) all the four poles are south poles

(d) two north poles follow two south



28. Laminations of core are generally made of

(a) case iron

(b) carbon

(c) silicon steel

(d) stainless steel

Ans: c

29. Which of the following could be lamina-proximately the thickness of laminations of a D.C. machine?

(a) 0.005 mm

(b) 0.05 mm

(c) 0.5 m

(d) 5 m

Ans: c


30. The armature of D.C. generator is laminated to

(a) reduce the bulk

(b) provide the bulk

(c) insulate the core

(d) reduce eddy current loss

Ans: d


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