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Top 100 MCQ D.C Generator

DC Generators (Part One)

D.C Generator: [ ISRO,DRDO,DMRC,SAIL, ODNANCE, HAL, WBSEDCL, RAILWAY & Others competitive]

41. In a D.C. generator the number of mechanical degrees and electrical degrees will be the same when

(a) r.p.m. is more than 300

(b) r.p.m. is less than 300

(c) number of poles is 4

(d) number of poles is 2

Ans: d

 42. Forthe parallel operation of two or more D.C. compound generators, we should ensure that

(a) voltage of the incoming generator should be same as that of
bus bar

(b) polarity of incoming generator should be same as that of bus

(c) all the series fields should be run in parallel by means of equalizer

(d) series fields of all generators should be either on positive
side or negative side of the armature

Ans: d

 43. D.C. series generator is used

(a) to supply traction load

(b) to supply industrial load at constant voltage

(c) voltage at the toad end of the feeder

(d) for none of the above purpose

Ans: c

44. Following D.C. generator will in a position to build up without any residual magnetism in the poles

(a) series generator

(b) shunt generator

(c) compound generator

(d) self-excited generator

Ans: d


45. Interpole flux should be sufficient to

(a) neutralise the commutating self-induced e.m.f.

(b) neutralise the armature reaction flux

(c) neutralise both the armature reaction flux as well as
commutating e.m.f. induced in the coil

(d) perform none of the above functions

Ans: c


46. D.C. generator generally preferred for charging automobile batteries is

(a) series generator

(b) shunt generator

(c) long shunt compound generator

(d) any of’ the above

Ans: c


47.Which of the following statement about D.C. generators is false ?

(a) Compensating winding in a D.C. machine helps in commutation

(b) In a D. C. generator interpoles winding is connected in
series with the armature winding

(c) Back pitch and front pitch are both odd and approximately
equal to the pole pitch

(d) Equalizing bus bars are used with parallel running of D.C.
shunt generators

Ans: d

 48. The demagnetising component of armature reaction in a D.C. generator

(a) reduces generator e.m.f.

(b) increases armature speed

(c) reduces interpoles flux density

(d) results in sparking trouble

Ans: a

 49. Magnetic field in a D.C. generator is produced by

(a) electromagnets

(b) permanent magnets

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of the above

Ans: a

 50. The number of brushes in a commutator depends on

(a) speed of armature

(b) type of winding

(c) voltage

(d) amount of current to be collected

Ans: d

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