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Transformer Interview Questions and Answers pdf

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11.Sumpner’s test is conducted on transformers to determine


2.stray losses

3.all-day efficiency

4.none of the above

12. The permissible flux density in case of cold rolled grain oriental steel is around

1.1.7 Wb/m2

2.   2.7 Wb/m2

3.  3.7 Wb/m2

4.  4.7 Wb/m2

13. During the short-circuit test on a small transformer the frequency is increased from 50 Hz to 200 Hz. The copper losses will increase by a factor of…

1.  16



4.¼ .

14. The efficiency of a transformer will be maximum when……..(ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.copper losses = hysteresis losses

2.hysteresis losses = eddy current losses

3.eddy current losses = copper losses

4.copper losses = iron losses

15. No-load current in a transformer is … (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.  lags behind the voltage by about 750

2.leads the voltage by about 750

3.lags behind the voltage by about 150

4.leads the voltage by about 150

16. The purpose of providing the iron core in a transformer is to

1.provide support to windings

2.reduce hysteresis loss

3.decrease the reluctance of the magnetic path

4.reduce eddy current losses.

17. Which of the following is not a part of transformer installation? ( ORDNANCE Repeated )



3.Buchholz relay

4.  Exciter

18. Which conducting short-circuit test on a transformer the following side is short-circuited…..(ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.high voltage side

2.low voltage side

3.primary side

4.secondary side

19. In a transformer the toppings are generally provided on…… ( ORDNANCE  Repeated )

1.primary side

2.secondary side

3.low voltage side

4.high voltage side


 20. The use of higher flux density in the transformer design…..(ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )                   

1.  reduces weight per kVA

2.reduces iron losses

3.reduces copper losses

4.increases part load efficiency

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