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Transformer Interview Questions and Answers pdf

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31. The higher voltage for transmitting electrical power in India is….(ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.33 kV

2.66 kV

3.132 kV

4.400 kV

32. In a transformer the resistance between its primary and secondary is.. [ Very very important ] 


2.1 Ω

3.1000 Ω


33. A transformer oil must be free from….


2.   alkaline 


4. moisture

34. A Buchholz relay can be installed on..


2.air-cooled transformers

3.welding transformers

4.oil-cooled transformers


35. Gas is usually not liberated due to dissociation of transformer oil unless the oil temperature exceeds..





36.The main reason for generation of harmonics in a transformer could be…

1.fluctuating load

2.poor insulation

3.mechanical vibrations

4.   saturation of core

37.Distribution transformers are generally designed for maximum efficiency around.(ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.90% load

2.zero load

3.25% load

450% load

38. Which of the following properties is not necessarily desirable in the material for transformer core?

1.Mechanical strength

2.Low hysteresis loss

3.High thermal conductivity

4.High permeability

39. Helical coils can be used on…  [ Very very important ] 

1.low voltage side of high kVA transformers

2.high frequency transformers

3.high voltage side of small capacity transformers

4.high voltage side of high kVA rating transformers


40. High frequency transformers sometimes make use of ferrite cores because it has

1.high specific gravity

2.   high resistance

3.high hysteresis

4.low permeability

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