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Transformer Interview Questions

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41. Cross over windings are used on…

1.low voltage side of high kVA rating transformers

2.current transformers

3.high voltage side of high kVA rating transformers

4.high voltage side of low kVA rating transformers


42. While conducting short-circuit test on a transformer the following side is short-circuited

1.   H.V .side

2.    L.V. side

3.primary side

4.secondary side

44.Harmonics in transformer result in…

1.Increase core losses

2.Increase I2R losses

3.Magnetic interference with communication circuits

4.   all of the above

45. Tertiary winding is provided in transformers having……

1.mesh/star winding

2.mesh/mesh winding

3.star/star winding

4.any of the above

46. The core used in high frequency transformer is usually…

1.copper core

2.cost iron core

3.air core

4.mild steel core

47. The full-load copper loss of a transformer is 1600 W. At half load the copper loss will be…. (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

Formula is (50
%)of square × copper loss

6400 W

1600 W

800 W

400 W

48. The value of flux involved in the e.m.f. equation of a transformer is…

1. average value

2.r.m.s. value

3.maximum value

4.instantaneous value


49.Silicon steel used in laminations mainly reduces…

1.   hysteresis loss

2.eddy current losses

3.copper losses

4.all the the above

50. Which winding of the transformer has less cross-sectional area?

1.Primary winding

2.Secondary winding

3.Low voltage winding

4.High voltage winding

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