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71.A good voltage regulation of a transformer means..

(a) output voltage
fluctuation from no load to full load is least

(b) output voltage
fluctuation with power factor is least

(c) difference
between primary and secondary voltage is least

(d) difference
between primary and secondary voltage is maximum

Ans: a

72.Theno. of magnetic paths in a berry type transformer…

     a.  is one

     b are two

     c.are three
d. are numerous.


           73In a transformer, the linkage of magnetic flux takes place from….

                 a.  primary to secondary

                 b. secondary to primary

                c.  primary to secondary and from secondary to primary

               d. none of these.

74. Since, the cores of a transformer are made of silicon steel, therefore…

a. copper-loss remains low

b. eddy-current-loss remains low

d. hysteresis-loss remains low

75. For equal capacity, a shell type transformer as compared to a core type transformer will have ….

a. low iron-loss

b.  low copper and iron losses

c    high copper and iron losses.

d. low copper-loss


76.lf the supply frequency of a transformer is reduced then its iron-loss will be

a.  low  
b.  high
c. the same

d. very high

78. In a transformer the energy is conveyed from primary to secondary

a.through cooling coil

b.through air

c.  by the flux

d. none of the above

79.  The degree of mechanical vibrations produced by the laminations of a transformer depends on

(a)tightness of clamping

(b) gauge of laminations

(c) size of laminations

(d) all of the above

 80. The path of a magnetic flux in a transformer should have

a. high resistance

b. high reluctance

c. low resistance

d. low reluctance


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