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Electronic Device easy explanation

Electronic Device easy explanation

Conventional Current Version

Tenth Edition

Thomas L. Floyd

Chapter Features:-
Chapter Opener Each chapter begins with an opening page, as shown in Figure P–1.
The chapter opener includes a chapter introduction, a list of chapter sections, chapter

objectives, key terms, an Device Application preview, and a website reference for associ- ated study aids.


Section Opener:-

Each section in a chapter begins with a brief introduction and section
objectives. An example is shown in Figure P–2.

Section Checkup:-

Each section in a chapter ends with a list of questions that focus

on the main concepts presented in the section. This feature is also illustrated in Figure
P–2. The answers to the Section Checkups can be found at: www.pearsonhighered.com/

Troubleshooting Sections:-

Many chapters include a troubleshooting section that relates

to the topics covered in the chapter and that illustrates troubleshooting procedures and tech- niques. The Troubleshooting section also provides Multisim® Troubleshooting exercises.



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