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Top upcoming JE Electrical and Technician for different Gov. exam

Q1. An ideal current source should have
a. Infinite
b. Large value of e.m.f
c. Small value of emf
d. Zero source resistance

 Ans. a

Q2. Interlocking is not possible in which type of fuse
a. Rewireable fuse
b. HRC fuse
c. Aerial fuse
d. Kit kat fuse
 Ans. b
Q3. Suspension type insulation the voltage across the centre disk is—
a. Minimum across the centred
b. Disk is maximum across the top
c. Disk is minimum across the top
d. Disk is maximum
 Ans. c
Q4. A circuit breaker is rated as follow 1500 MVA, 33KV, 3sec, 3ø oil circuit breaker . Determine the making current .
a. 1.5kA
b. 67KA
c. 89KA
d. 110KA
 Ans. b
Q5. Two lamp 40w ,40v and 20w ,40v are connected parallel then what is the total resistance ?
a. 24.12 ohm
b. 23.36 ohm
c. 26.66 ohm
d. 28.6 ohm
 Ans. c
Q6. In parallel LC circuit what will be the value of current (in A) at resonance ?
a. 0
b. 10
c. 100
d. Infinity
 Ans. a
Q7. Determine the instantaneous value of the alternating current (in A) which is represented by i(t)=10sin(25t – 15)A, if the value of t is 3 ?
a. 9.36
b. 7.87
c. 8.66
d. 4.42
 Ans. c
Q8. Calculate the value of phase angle (in degree ) in series RC circuit having a resistance of 50 ohm and a capacitive reactance of 86.6 ohm , when the supply frequency of 50HZ
a. 15
b. 30
c. 45
d. 60
 Ans. d
Q9. Two coupled coil with L1 : L2 : 0.5H having a coupling coefficient of K :0.75. The turn ratio N1/N2:?
a. 0.5
b. 4
c. 2
d. 1
 Ans. d
Q10. The potential inside a charged hollow sphere is –
a. Zero
b. Same as that on the surface
c. Less than that on the surface
d. None of the above
 Ans. b

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