Neena Pacholke, a TV commentator for ABC TV offshoot WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin, kicked the bucket on Aug. 27 at 27 years old.

Brendan Mackey WAOW say on the facebook I love you Neena

I have never met anybody in all my years that is more cherished than this young lady.

Regular she made individuals grin, whether that was through a television screen or simply being a unimaginable companion.

Neena Pacholke 

She was so blissful thus loaded with life and a good example. Neena was so capable.
She has such countless loved ones that affection her not really good or bad to such an extent.


Whether we were skiing or concocting fun pieces for the show or out on a Saturday night she generally made everything more tomfoolery.

Being your co-anchor Neena was an honor. You were batman and I was robin.

At the point when I joined WAOW you made it clear we planned to try sincerely and contend with the best.

We should recollect Neena Pacholke for the wonderful individual she was. The most brilliant light in the room. The greatest grin and the most interesting snicker.

I can barely handle it. I'm still in shock. It hasn't hit me yet. We as a whole love you so much Neena 😞. I will miss you so much 💔. Neena Pacholke