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Top 100 MCQ Battery

Working Principle of Lead acid Cell | Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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11. Which of the following cell has a reversible chemical reaction ?
A. Lead-acid
B. Mercury oxide
C. Carbon-zinc
D. Silver-oxide
Ans. A

12. The open circuit voltage of any storage cell depends wholly upon
A. its chemical constituents
B. on the strength of its electrolyte
C. its temperature
D. all above
Ans. d

13. Battery charging equipment is generally installed
A. In well ventilated location
B. In clean and dry place
C. As near as practical to the battery being charged
D. In location having all above features
Ans. d

14. The effect of sulphation is that the internal resistance
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains same
D. none of the above
Ans. A

15. The ampere-hour efficiency of a lead acid cell is normally between
A. 20 to 30%
B. 40 to 50%
C. 60 to 70%
D. 90 to 95%
Ans. D

16. Satellite power requirement is provided through
A. solar cells
B. dry cells
C. nickel-cadmium cells
D. lead-acid batteries
Ans. A
17. Internal resistance of a cell is due to
A. resistance of electrolyte
B. electrode resistance
C. surface contact resistance between electrode and electrolyte
D. all above
Ans. D
18. During the charging of a lead-acid cell
A. its voltage increases
B. it gives out energy
C. its cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in colour
D. specific gravity of H₂SO₄ decreases
Ans. A
19. For a cell to work, which of the following condition(s) become necessary ?
A. Two electrodes of different meta’s should be inserted in the electrolyte, not touching each other
B. Electrolyte must chemically react with one of the electrodes
C. Electrolyte liquid or paste should be conducting
D. All above three conditions are necessary
Ans. D
20. Internal resistance of a cell is reduced by
A. using vent plug to permit gas formed during discharge
B. increasing the plate area
C. putting plates very close together
D. all above methods
Ans. D

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