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Top 100 MCQ Transformer questions and answers


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1. Which of the following does not change in a transformer? (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )



3.  Frequency

4.All of the above

2. In a transformer the energy is conveyed from primary to secondary ?      

1.though cooling coil        

2.through air                                     

3.by the flux

4.none of the above


3.  Why are the transformer core are lamination ? (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )                                                1.reduce hysteresis loss

2.reduce eddy current losses    

3.reduce copper losses 

4.reduce all the above losses

4. Which loss is not common between a transformer and rotating machines?

1.Eddy current loss

2.Copper loss

3.Windage loss

4.Hysteresis loss.

5. The degree of mechanical vibrations produced by the laminations of a transformer depends on

 1.tightness of clamping

2.gauge of laminations

3.size of laminations

4.all of the above.

6. The no-load current drawn by transformer is usually what percent of the full-load current? (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.0.2 to 0.5 per cent

2.   2 to 5 per cent

3.12 to 15 per cent

4.20 to 30 per cent

7. In case there are burrs on the edges of the laminations of the transformer, it is likely to result in…                    



3.   higher eddy current loss

4.higher hysteresis loss

8. The path of a magnetic flux in a transformer should have….

1.high resistance

2.high reluctance

3.low resistance

4.   low reluctance.

9. No-load test on a transformer is carried out to determine (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.copper loss

2.magnetizing current

3.magnetiing current and lose 

4.efficiency of the transformer 


10. The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be… (ISRO, ORDNANCE , DMRC , DRDO Repeated )

1.1 kV

2.33 kV 

3.100 kV                                                                                                                                      

 4.330 kV

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