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Electrical Wiring MCQ Question

The Most Electrical Wiring MCQ:

The Electrical Wiring MCQ Question And Answer Provide for All  Exam.

13) For painful shock, what is the range of electric shock current at 50Hz?
a. 3-5 mA
b. 5-10 mA
c. 0-3 mA
d. 0-1 mA

Ans. b

14) The types of wiring that is highly suitable for a temporary shed is
a. Cleat wiring.
b. Wooden capping and casing wiring
c. Lead sheathed wiring
d. Conduit wiring

Ans. a

15)  For cleat wiring and 250 volts supply, the cables will be placed ______ apart centre to centre for single-core cables.
a. 4.5 cm
b. 4.5 cm
c. 4.3 cm
d. 4.4 cm

Ans. b

16)  As per IE rules the permissible variation of voltage at the consumer end is
a. 1.± 12 %
b. 1.± 2 %
c. 1.± 6 %
d. 1.± 10 %

Ans. c

17)  Which insulation is most widely used for covering wires/cables used in internal wiring?
a. Paper
b. Wood
c. Glass
d. PVC

Ans. d

 18) One among the following is the top most conductors in high voltage transmission lines, identify it.
a. R-phase conductor
b. Y-phase conductor
c. B-phase conductor
d. Earth conductor

Ans. d

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