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Top 100 MCQ Battery

A Glass Battery That Keeps Getting Better? - IEEE Spectrum

Battery:- [ ISRO,DRDO,DMRC,SAIL, ODNANCE, HAL, WBSEDCL, RAILWAY & Others competitive]-top 100 mcq battery

41. The internal resistance of a dry cell is of the order of

A. 0.01 to 0.04 ohm
B. 0.2 to 0.5 ohm
C. 2 to 5 ohm
D. 10 to 30 ohm

Ans. B

42.Which of the following has lower specific gravity ?

A. Dilute H2SO4
B. Concentrated H2SO4
C. Water
D. Any of the above

Ans. c

43.The body of a Edison cell is made of

A. Bakelite
B. Rubber
C. Nickel plated steel
D. Aluminium

Ans. c

44.Specific gravity of electrolyte in Edison cell is

A. 0.8
B. 0.95
C. 1.1
D. 1.25

Ans. D

45.Life of the Edison cell is at least

A. Five years
B. Seven years
C. Eight years
D. Ten years

Ans. A

46.The EMF of an Edison cell when fully charged is nearly

A. 1.4 V
B. 1 V
C. 0.9 V
D. 0.8 V


47.Electrolyte used in an Edison cell is



48.Active materials of a lead acid cell are

A. Spongy lead
B. Lead peroxide
C. Dilute H2SO4
D. All of the above

Ans. D

49. Sulphation in a lead acid battery occurs due to

A. Heavy charging
B. Fast charging
C. Trickle charging
D. Incomplete charging

Ans. D

50. During the charging of a lead acid cell

A. It’s voltage increases
B. It gives out energy
C. It’s cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in colour
D. Specific gravity of H2 SO4 decreases

Ans. A

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