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Top 100 MCQ Battery

A Guide To The 6 Main Types Of Lithium Batteries | Dragonfly Energy

 Battery: [ ISRO,DRDO,DMRC,SAIL, ODNANCE, HAL, WBSEDCL, RAILWAY & Others competitive]-top 100 mcq battery

21. Short circuiting of a cell may be caused
A. buckling of plates
B. faulty separators
C. lead particles forming circuit between positive and negative plates
D. excessive accumulation of sediment
E. any one of above
Ans. E
22. The capacity of a lead-acid cell depends on
A. Rate of discharge
B. Temperature
C. Density of electrolyte
D. All above
Ans. D
23. Trickle charging of a storage battery helps to
A. maintain proper electrolyte level
B. increase its reserve capacity
C. prevent sulphation
D. keep it fresh and fully charged
Ans. D
24. Extent of corrosion in the underground metal work depends upon
A. amount of moisture
B. type of metals
C. type of soil chemicals
D. all above factors
Ans. D
25. The average charging voltage for alkali cell is about
A. 1 V
B. 1.2 V
C. 1.7 V
D. 2.1 V
Ans. C
26. Lead-acid cell has a life of nearly charges and discharges
A. 500
B. 700
C. 1000
D. 1250
Ans. D
27. Which among the following constitutes the major load for an automobile battery ?
A. Brake light
B. Self starter
C. Parking lights
D. Spark plugs
Ans. B

28.Dry cell is the modification of

A. Deniell cell
B. Leclanche cell
C. Lead acid cell
D. Edison cell

Ans. B

29.All dry cells voltage have about………V

A. 1.0
B. 1.2
C. 1.5
D. 2

Ans. c

30.Even though voltage of a dry cell, big or small, is 1.5 V, small cell delivers less current because it has comparatively ……..internal resistance

A. Zero
B. Less
C. More
D. Same

Ans. c

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