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61.Electrolyte used in a lead acid cell is


Ans. B

62.In a lead acid cell, lead is called as

A. Positive active material
B. Negative active material
C. Passive material
D. None of the above

Ans. B

63.The lead acid cell never be discharged beyond

A. 1.8 V
B. 1.9 V
C. 2 V
D. 2.1 V

Ans. A

64.If a lead-acid cell is discharge below 1.8 V, the following will happen

A. Capacity of cell will reduce
B. Sulphation of plates will occur
C. Internal resistance will increase
D. All of the above

Ans. D

65.In a lead acid battery the energy is stored in the form of

A. Charged ions
B. Chemical energy
C. Electrostatic energy
D. Electromagnetic energy


67.Which of the following factors adversely affects the capacity of the lead acid battery?

 A. Temperature of surroundings
B. Specific gravity of electrolyte
C. Rate of discharge
D. All of the above

 Ans. D

68.In a lead acid battery, separators are provided to

A. Reduce internal resistance
B. Facilitate flow of current
C. Reduce tendency for polarisation
D. Avoid internal short circuits

Ans. D

69.The life of a lead acid battery is expected to be

A. Two months
B. One year
C. Two to five years
D. Ten to fifteen years

Ans. C

70.In a lead acid battery during charging

A. Specific gravity of acid increases
B. Voltage drops
C. Anode becomes white in colour
D. The cell gives out energy

Ans. A

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