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Top 100 MCQ Battery

Electrochemistry - Notes

Battery: [ ISRO,DRDO,DMRC,SAIL, ODNANCE, HAL, WBSEDCL, RAILWAY & Others competitive]-mcq of battery

81.Trickle charger of a storage battery helps to

A. Maintain proper electrolyte level
B. Increase its reverse capacity
C. Prevent sulphation
D. Keep it fresh and fully charged

Ans. D

82.On over charging a battery

A. It will bring about chemical change in active materials
B. It will increase the capacity of the battery
C. It will raise the specific gravity of the electrolyte
D. None of the above

Ans. D

83.Battery charging equipment is generally installed

A. In well ventilated location
B. In clean and dry place
C. As near as practical to the battery being charged
D. In location having all above features

Ans. D

 84. Batteries are charged by

A. Rectifiers
B. Engine generator sets
C. Motor generator sets
D. Any of the above

Ans. D

85.Battery container should be acid resistance therefore it is made up of

B. Plastic
C. Wood
D. All of the above

Ans. D

86.To prevent local action in battery, only …………is used in electrolytes

A. Pump water
B. Distilled water
C. Tap water
D. Both A and C

Ans. D

87.Ampere hour capacity of an industrial battery is based on ……….hours discharge rate

A. 8
B. 12
C. 16
D. 24

Ans. A

88.A battery of six cells will show a drop of ……..volts from fully charged state to fully discharged state

A. 1
B. 1.5
C. 2.4
D. 2.9

Ans. C

89.Which of the following battery is used for aircraft?

A. Lead acid battery
B. Nickel-iron battery
C. Dry cell battery
D. Silver oxide battery

Ans. B

90. When two batteries are connected in parallel, it should be ensured that

A. They have same emf
B. They have same make
C. They have same ampere hour capacity
D. They have identical internal resistance

Ans. A

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