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Top 100 MCQ Capacitor

71.A capacitor consists of

A. Two insulators separated by a conductor

B. Two conductors separated by an insulator

C. Two insulators only

D. Two conductors only

Ans. B

72.Which of the following capacitors will have least energy stored in it ?

A. A 20 μF capacitor is charged to 400 volt

B. A 1 μF capacitor charge to 5 KV

C. A 600 μF capacity charged to 15 KG

D. Energy stored in each above will be same

Ans. C

73……………field is associated with the capacitor

A. Electric

B. Magnetic

C. Both A and B

D. None of the above

Ans. A

74.A capacitor consists of two

A. Ceramic plates and one mica disc

B. Insulators separated by a dielectric

C. Silver coated insulators

D. Conductors separated by an insulator

Ans. D

75. ……….is that property of a capacitor which delays any change of voltage across it

A. Inductance

B. Capacitance

C. Potential gradient

D. None of the above

Ans. B

76.When a capacitor undergoes a dielectric breakdown

A. Dielectric stores energy rendering plates charge less

B. Electrons get scattered

C. Electrons cease to move from one place to another

D. Permanent conduction path is established between plates

Ans. D

77.If the dielectric of a capacitor is replaced by a conducting material

A. The capacitance value of the capacitor will shoot up to very high value

B. The capacitor can store infinite charge

C. The plates will get short-circuited

D. The capacitor will get heated up due to eddy currents

Ans. B

78.Internal heating of a capacitor is usually attributed to

A. Electron movement

B. Leakage resistance

C. Dielectric charge

D. Plate vibration

Ans. B

79.In a capacitor the electric charge is stored in

A. Metal plates

B. Dielectric

C. Dielectric as well as metal plates

D. None of the above

Ans. B

80.A capacitor having a capacitance of 40 μF is connected across 250 V DC source. The charging current will be least

A. When capacitor is fully charged

B. When capacitor is have charged

C. When capacitor is almost 25% charged

D. None of the above

Ans. A

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