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Top mcq for all gov. exam Mechanics[ Work ,Power , Energy ]

Question Set – 05

  1. At the time of releasing an arrow in a drawn bow, the potential energy of the bow change
    RRB ALP. & Tec. 30-08-2018(Shift-I)
    (a) Chemical energy
    (c) Sound energy
    (b) Kinetic energy
    (d) Thermal energy
    Ans: b
    42. Which instrument is used for measuring voltage?
    RRB Group- D, 08.10.2018 (Shift-)
    RRB Group -D, 08-10-2018 (Shift-II)
    (a) Ammeter
    (b) Potentiometer
    (c) Galvanometer
    (d) Voltmeter
    Ans: d

43.Ohm is unit of which physical quantity?
RRB JE (28-06-2019, Shift -IV)
(a) Resistance
(b) Charge
(c) Voltage
(d) Current
Ans: a

  1. A force of 20 N displaces an object through 2 m and does a work of 20 J. The angle between the force and displacement is:
    RRB ALP & Tec.(20-08-2018)Shift-2
    (a) 60 deg
    (b) 30deg
    (c) 90deg
    (d) 0
    Ans: a

45.Multimeter consist of-
RRB J.E. 2014(14-12-2014, Green Paper)
(a) Current and ohm meter
(b) Voltmeter & ohm meter
(c) Voltmeter & current
(d) Voltmeter, current meter & ohm meter
Ans: d

46.Which of the following has no unit
RRR Groun-D. 03-12-2018 (Shift-II)
(a) Density
(b) Relative density
(c) Displacement
(d) Pressure
Ans: b

47 has S.I. unit ampere?
RRB Group-D, 03-10-2018 (Shift -II)
(a) Voltage
(b) Electric charge
(c) Electric current
(d) Resistance
Ans: c
48.Which instrument is used for measuring power
and speed of wind?
RRB Group-D, 12-10-2018 (Shift-I)
(a) Lactometer
(b) Speedometer
(c) Thermometer
(d) Anemometer
Ans: d

49.Which of the following has same unit ?
RRB Group-D, 12-12-2018 (Shift -III)
(a) Work & energy
(b) Force & pressure
(c) Force and momentum
(d) Force & work
Ans: a

  1. A porter raise 12 kg object from surface of earth and put object 1.5 meter above from surface on his head. Calculate the work done on object (g = 0.01ms)
    RRB Group-D, 04.10.2018 (shift-I)
    (a) 140 J
    ( b) 150 J
    (c) 180 J
    (d) 150 J
    Ans: c

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