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Top mcq for all gov. exam Mechanics[ Work ,Power , Energy ]


Question Set – 02

11.What is the kinetic energy of an object of mass 15 kg moving at the velocity of 8ms?
RRB Group-D 09-10-2018(Shift-II)
(a) 480J
(b) 180.5J
(c) 480ms
(d) 187.5J
Ans: a

12. A man puts 20kg object on his head by raising the object 2m above from the surface of earth. Then work done will be –
RRB Group -D, 30-10-2018 (Shift-II)
(a) 400W
(b) 400J
(c) 200W
(d) 200J
Ans: b
13. The kinetic energy of an object of mass m moving at a speed of 5 ms is 25J. What will be its kinetic energy when its speed will be double?
RRB Group-D 01-10-2018(Shift-I)
(a) 100J
(b) 50J
(c) 100N
(d) 50N
Ans: a

  1. A person picks up 20kg of goods at 2m above the ground and keeps it on his head, work done by the person is?
    RRB Group-D 17-09-2018(Shift-II)
    (a) 200J
    (b) 400J
    (c) 40J
    (d) 20J
    Ans: b

15.The energy contained in an object due to the change in position and shape is called.
RRB ALP, & Tec. 29-08-2018(Shift-D
(a) Kinetic energy
(b) Chemical energy
(c) Nuclear energy
(d) Potential energy
Ans: d

16.What would be the energy contained at a height of 6m by a body of mass 50kg?

RRB Group-D 22-09-2018(Shift-II)
(a) 3000J
(b) 30J
(c) 300J
(d) 3×10’J
Ans: a

  1. If the displacement of an object is zero. Then work done by the applied force is –
    RRB Group -D, 16-11-2018 (Shift-1)
    (a) Neutral
    (b) Negative
    (c) Positive
    (d) Zero
    Ans: d
  2. Hydro power, what is the energy that is converted into electrical energy?
    RRR ALP. & Tec. 29-08-2018(Shift-i)
    (a) Mechanical energy
    (b) Potential energy
    (c) Heat energy
    (d) Kinetic energy
    Ans: b
  3. The work done by the force is positive when-
    RRB Group -D, 19-09-2018 (Shift-Ill)
    (a) Displacement occurs in the direction of force
    (b) Displacement is perpendicular to the force
    (c) There is no displacement due to the force
    (d) Displacement occurs in opposite direction of force
    Ans: a

20.When the direction of the force applied and the of movement of the object are direction perpendicular to each other.
RRB Group -D, 24-10-2018 (Shift-I)
(a) Power exercised
(b) No work done
(c) Power not exercised
(d) Work done
Ans: b

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